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ACTION ALERT: Say No to Dangerous Anti-Bullying Bill LD 1237
ACTION ALERT COMMENTARY: Even though bullying may be a legitimate challenge in our schools,
LD 1237 "An Act to Prohibit Bullying in Schools" is a bill we cannot support for the following reasons:
1. LD 1237 offers no guarantees of First Amendment Rights for those who
may express opposing views or opinions;
2. LD 1237 does not make a distinction between harassment (bullying) and
3. LD 1237 makes no provision for parental notification if a student
is charged with bullying;
4. LD 1237 was drafted by the Civil Rights Project Director for
GLAD (Gay and Lesbian Advocators and Defenders), Mary Bonauto, whose
agenda promotes her ideology rather than just protecting students
from bullying.
5. LD 1237 is unnecessary and redundant; present law already gives school
administrators the means to deal with bullying on a local level.
Tell the members of the Education and Cultural Affairs Committee members
you know bullying is a real problem, but LD 1237 is bad legislation and
the committee should give this bill an "Ought Not to Pass" recommendation.
Be sure to express your thanks to these legislators for their service

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